Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Does FAJ Stand For?

One more thing before I leave this blog for tonight. I thought I should clear up any confusion over what the letters "FAJ" stand for. I think many will see that name and perhaps take some vulgar liberties and assume it means something it is not.

I would prefer to keep that private, as part of our personal identity that really doesn't need to be explained to the world. However, it's quite simple: FAJ stands for Foster, Allen, John- the original 3 participants in our cooperative endeavors.

Now, it MIGHT also stand for something else. Who knows? I do, but I'm not saying.

The New FAJ Media Blog

Hello. This is the new blog of the FAJ Media enterprise. We've been working on many exciting internet project and thought it was time to start a little blog talking about some of our experiences and projects.

We have been creating media for the web for over a decade now but have mostly let our projects stand for themselves. A lot of the work we do is "behind the scenes" and we aren't out there trying to get personaal attention and recognition like a lot of new media types.

We get our recognition the old fasioned way, if you will. I looking forward to sharing more of our experiences here.